Tag: Sustainability

Harvey’s Hidden Storm

By: Sophia Ahmed Hurricane Katrina’s Category 5 winds killed nearly 2,000 people when the storm made landfall in August 2005, and Hurricane Harvey damaged an estimated 203,000 homes. Combined, these hurricanes caused destruction that totaled over 400 billion U.S. dollars. Needless to say, hurricanes cause extensive damage to families and infrastructure when their winds rip

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Rise of the Electric Car

Written by: Jack Zhong Edited by: Josephine McGowan Cars are an essential part of modern American life. Yet, unfortunately, they are also one of the primary sources of pollution that contributes to climate change. As a result, manufacturers have begun to introduce more fuel-efficient cars and electric cars. Electric cars ingeniously utilize battery power or

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The Coming Age of Nuclear Fusion

By: Ruicong Jack Zhong Edited by: Timshawn Luh  With global climate change becoming a pressing issue, it is now more important than ever to find sustainable sources of electrical energy. This past year, the US experienced wild winter weather with record-breaking snowstorms, and harsh weather is expected to continue and worsen. Electricity forms the basis

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