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Minimalist Lungs

by Tanvi Hisaria  A small drop of red liquid blossoms into dark clouds in a little glass dish on 168th Street. Just like that, new hope is born for the thousands of sufferers of pulmonary fibrosis and respiratory tract infections. In a paper published in Nature Cell Biology, Columbia University Medical Center (CUMC) recently announced its latest

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Safeguarding Stem Cell Implants

By: Kendra Zhong After suffering a stroke in 2009, Jim Gass was confronted with a flaccid left arm and weak left leg. He then decided to take what many would consider a dream vacation: traveling to various countries in North America, South America, and Asia. However, Gass wasn’t chasing tourist traps—he was chasing promises of

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Team of Scientists at Massachusetts General Hospital Makes Leaps and Bounds in Field of Organ Growing

By Alex Bernstein In the United States alone, there are currently over 100,000 people waiting in line for a donor kidney. While dialysis machines can perform the essential functions that those with advanced kidney diseases so desperately need, only a new donated kidney can prove to be a permanent solution. Sadly, with the dearth of

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