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Reversing Racial Bias in Children – Exposure is Key

By: Georgina Gonzalez Children are like sponges. They soak up everything around them, absorbing every new experience and sensation. Their developing brains attempt to process the influx of information that comes as they navigate the world around them, and slowly, they begin to learn. It’s no doubt that they quickly become products of their environments

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The Evolution of Personality

By Sean Harris Everyday observations show us that people exhibit a wide variety of personality traits; some people are outgoing, some creative, and others nurturing. This variation is not trivial, as personality deeply affects the way people think and act. Given the far-reaching consequences of personality, it’s important to investigate why people have certain traits

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The Lady Macbeth Effect: Can Guilt Really Be Washed Away?

By: Kimberly Shen Editor: Bryce Harlan “Out, damned spot! Out, I say!” These were the words Lady Macbeth uttered as she tried to wash away imagined bloodstains. Famous for the pangs of conscience she experiences after acting as an accomplice in King Duncan’s murder, Lady Macbeth draws attention to the perceived connection between physical cleansing

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