For the Love of Contrast // Part 2: LG’s Road to OLED Authority

By: Eli Epperson Edited by: Helena Rios In South Korea, a competition for television display dominance is raging. Its competitors, Samsung and LG, lead the world in the production of this pervasive technology field, which, by the year 2022, is expected to be worth close to $170 billion [1]. As mentioned in the prequel of

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For the Love of Contrast // Part 1: The OLED Explained

By: Eli Zachary Epperson Edited by: Helena Veronique Rios For more than a decade, the tech giants Samsung and LG have ruled the market for television displays. While the most popular television technology is the familiar liquid-crystal display, or LCD, the organic light-emitting diode, or OLED, display has emerged as a notable competitor [0]. In fact, OLED

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