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Anna Christou is a sophomore in Columbia College (’21) from Washington, D.C. She plans to major in Biological Sciences and also has interests in chemistry and psychology. She has conducted research for the past three summers and is particularly interested in research in oncology and immunology. She plans to pursue a career in medicine. In her free time, she enjoys watching Friends or Grey’s Anatomy, running, and spending time with friends and family.

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Clare Nimura is a first-year in Columbia College (’22) planning to major in English. On campus, she is a on the AMSA Bioethics committee, a member of CU Global Brigades and volunteers with One-to-One tutoring. She has conducted research on targeted cancer therapy at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center and hopes to pursue a career in pediatric medicine. In her free time, she enjoys reading, cooking, doing the New York Times crossword and exploring the city in search of good food.

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Georgina Gonzalez is a sophomore in Columbia College (21′) majoring in Neuroscience with a concentration in Political Science. On campus she’s involved in the Mixed Heritage Society and the UN IVY STEM Connect program. She’s passionate about politics, science communication and social justice and hopes to be able to combine these passions into a dream career. She can often be found honing her many spotify playlists in preparation for any spontaneous DJing requests.

fullsizeoutput_4c - Hari Nanthakumar

Hari Nanthakumar is a freshman in SEAS (’22), majoring in Materials Science & Engineering. Hailing from a small town in Upstate New York, Hari is interested in exploring the human side of science and sharing its advances and joys with everyone, all while having a little fun in the process. When not doing this, he usually spends his time watching whatever random and interesting thing he can find on Youtube and Netflix, listening to mildly embarrassing pop music, and napping.


John Wang is a sophomore in Columbia College (’21) studying Neuroscience and Behavior & Computer Science. He is trying to crack the “neural code” of Hydra vulgaris, a freshwater polyp. Outside of classrooms and the lab, John enjoys playing drums and jamming to all genres of music. Nothing makes him happier than a good nap before and after going to Mowsh bio.

Katherine Liu is a sophomore in SEAS, majoring in BME and minoring in Psychology. She is originally from Shanghai, and studied in the sunny Los Angeles and the not-so-sunny (but still beautiful) Connecticut before her move to the Big Apple. She is currently a research assistant at Zuckerman Mind Brain Behavior Institute, and is mesmerized by everything that relates to the brain.


Kyle Warner is a junior in SEAS (’20) studying Earth and Environmental Engineering. He hopes to one day research and develop renewable energy technology to help mitigate climate change. Aside from academics, Kyle enjoys participating in the arts through dance as well as musical performance using alto saxophone, piano, and guitar! He also loves recreational activities such as snowboarding, skateboarding, hiking, and playing basketball.

Linghao Kong CSR Board Bio Picture - Linghao Kong.jpg

Linghao Kong is a freshman in Columbia College (‘22) majoring in neuroscience and behavior and concentrating in physics. He has previously focused on researching cancer cell metabolism, but is excited to explore new areas. When not worrying about finals, he enjoys painting, visiting museums, and playing that dinosaur hopping game when the internet goes out. In the future, Linghao hopes to pursue either medicine or aerospace.

Liza Casella is a junior at Barnard (‘20) double majoring in math and biology. She has finally almost dropped pre-med and is planning to pursue a career in computational biology or public health. Her research experience ranges from astrophysics to computational neuroscience to immunooncology. In her free time she teaches tweens about brains and just contemplates bacteria.
Mariel Sander is a student at Columbia College graduating in 2020. She is double majoring in Neuroscience and English. She is on the Executive Board of the Symposium Global nonprofit, the Columbia University Hiking Club, and works at the Writing Center (come make an appointment!). In her free time, she enjoys running, swimming, bartending, and taking pictures of cute dogs surreptitiously in Riverside Park.

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Naviya Makhija is a freshman in SEAS (’22) planning on studying Applied Physics and Computer Science. Her scientific interest was piqued during her time in elementary school, flipping through picture books of the solar system. While she has worked in big data analytics and web development, she hopes to one day perhaps go into research in either of her fields of interest. In her spare time she enjoys reading (when the time presents itself), experimenting with learning languages and playing tennis.

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Payal Chandak is a sophomore at Columbia College (’21) studying Computer Science and Neuroscience. I am an undergraduate researcher at Tatonetti Lab at the medical centre, where I’m working on evaluating drugs for sex-specific risks of side effects. I’m also involved in Women in Computer Science and the Columbia Bioethics Society. Outside of Columbia, I love trying and cooking new foods (even though I’m vegetarian). I also really enjoy exploring new places, horseback riding, architecture and theatre.

Seattle_2018-84 (2) - Sirena Khanna.jpg

Sirena Khanna is a junior in Columbia College (’20) studying Neuroscience on the pre-med track. She loves brains first, art second, and food third, in no particular order. In her spare time, she enjoys learning about oddly fantastic things (like tardigrades), working on her new science comic series, and bothering her friends with fun shower thoughts (you’re stuck inside your skeleton!). Sirena is both an illustrator and a staff writer for the Columbia Science Review.



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Emily Wang is a freshman in SEAS (’22) and a prospective engineer and current lab assistant at Hobert Lab (go worms!). She is a big fan of science, and hopes to build some vastly important things that will save humanity one day. Outside of class, she enjoys dancing, playing cello, and drawing the occasional picture.

IMG_1844 - Stefani Shoreibah.jpg

Stefani Shoreibah is a sophomore in Barnard College (BC ’21) majoring in Art History. A lifelong visual artist and aspiring physician, Stefani has had her art recognized by the Congressional Institute, companies such as the LaraBar brand, public figures such as Broadway actress Sierra Boggess, and discussed her undergraduate medical research with The New York Times. Stefani enjoys running her art blog, traveling, obsessing over Star Wars, seeing Broadway shows and Operas in New York, and working to further the intersection between the arts and medicine.

Layout Designers:

IMG_7892 - Amanda Klestzick.JPG

Amanda Klestzick is a sophomore in Barnard College (’21) planning on majoring in biochemistry with a minor in economics. She has conducted research on proteins that are found in the brain and have a relationship to Alzheimer’s disease. She plans to pursue a career in medicine. She is also fascinated by monetary policy and the FED and is excited to continue exploring this area in the years to come. In her spare time, she enjoys rock climbing, eating, and cooking every once in a while.

Catherine Chen is a freshman in CC (’22), currently intending to major in data science with a focus in computer graphics. She has a weird obsession with graphs, and created 20+ paged books of graphs for her science fair projects in high school (not once, not twice, but thrice). In her free time, she enjoys going downtown with her friends, drawing, playing the cello,, and swimming. Also she has a YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKomp2kzHywY0jpjjww-9rQ/videos?view_as=subscriber

IMG_1923 - Joanne Wang.jpg

Joa Wang is a freshman in SEAS (’22), planning to major in Biomedical Engineering with a minor in Entrepreneurship & Innovation. In her free time, you are most likely to find her chatting with friends in Noco’s Joe Coffee, doing yoga, or playing the ukulele. She is excited about learning more about the intersections of BME and entrepreneurship, hoping to one day play a large role in the medical device industry as a business woman and/or researcher.

Sophie Hecht is a first-year in Columbia College. She is thinking about majoring in Mathematics or Economics. On campus, she is involved in the TAMID Group and is a referee for basketball undergraduate and graduate intramurals. In her free time, she interns for a pillow company and loves playing sports, hiking, and spending time with friends and family.

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