Executive Board



Richard Nederlander is a junior in Columbia College (’18) and is a double major in Astrophysics and Music. He finds inspiration from scientists like Neil deGrasse Tyson and Carl Sagan. He also enjoys playing piano and percussion, reading The New York Times and The New Yorker, and listening to classical music. In addition, he has completed research as part of the Columbia VERITAS team, and is currently working in astrobiology.




CSR picPublic Relations Chair:

Noah Goss is a sophomore in Columbia College (’19) planning to major in either physics or astrophysics. He is an enthusiastic Ohio sports fan, who also loves literature, movies, playing basketball, and listening to all kinds of music, especially rap, classic rock, indie, and jazz. An avid watcher of television series, he is more than happy to engage in conversations about Game of Thrones, Boardwalk Empire, or Silicon Valley. In the near future, he hopes to get involved in research delving into the mysteries of our universe.




Keefe Mitman is a sophomore at Columbia College (’19) and is a prospective Mathematics and Physics double major. He is particularly interested in the roles of gravity in relation to quantum mechanics and discovering a grand unified theory. After graduating from Columbia University, he hopes to go on to graduate school, earn his PhD, and enter academia. On campus, Keefe is the Hiking president of Columbia’s Outdoor Orientation Program, a tutor for One-to-One tutoring, and a devout member of Columbia’s Society of Physics Students. Other interests include particle physics research, exploring New York City, and sunset walks.




UntitledSecretary and Historian:

Marcelina Puc (’19) is a sophomore year in Columbia College majoring in Biochemistry with a concentration in anthropology. She is interested in becoming a pediatric surgeon while conducting medical research on the side. She loves dancing jazz and ballet while also training kickboxing. She is passionate and ambitious and lives by the motto “Fate favors the brave” Virgil.




Organizational Committee Members:




Jennifer Fan is a junior in Columbia College (’18) majoring in Financial Economics and Visual Arts. Outside of her studies and in addition to painting and drawing, she enjoys listening to music, swimming, and traveling to different cities with family and friends. In the future, she hopes to travel to Europe and visit the Louvre in Paris, France.







Catherine Zhang is a junior in Columbia College (’18), majoring in Biology and concentrating in Environmental Science.  After graduating from Columbia, she wants to get her PhD in biology and go into academia.  She enjoys morning Trader Joe’s runs, traveling, and watching 30 Rock.






Ayesha Chhugani is freshman in SEAS (‘20) and is hoping to major in Financial Engineering with a possible concentration in Computer Science. On campus, Ayesha is also part of CU INFORMS and Club Tennis. Beyond her interests in science, she is interested in foreign affairs, entrepreneurship, exploring restaurants with her friends, and watching reality TV shows. In the near future, she hopes to get involved in research on campus under the Center for Financial Engineering.

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