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Abhishek Shah is a junior in Columbia College (’21) and plans on majoring in Neuroscience and Behavior. After graduating, he hopes to pursue a PhD in Neuroscience and Behavior, with the goal of becoming a researcher. He is currently researching the neurobiology of ketamine’s action as an antidepressant at the Denny lab. Aside from science, he enjoys playing the violin and is a part of CUO. He is also the media chair for Club Zamana, and a member of the I.I. Rabi Scholars social committee. Other interests include cooking, procrastinating, and contemplative walks through Riverside park.

Vice President:

Jason Wang is a sophomore in the Columbia-Juilliard Exchange planning on majoring in Neuroscience. As both a violinist and a student immensely interested in the potential of scientific discoveries, Jason is looking forward to planning events at the intersection of music, culture, and innovative scientific thinking – particularly in the field of cognitive studies. When he’s not busy writing entries for his performance blog (PlayInspireRepeat) or practicing finger dexterity exercises, you can find him taking good care of his two plush penguins and Columbia lion (named Simon, Kristy, and Solomon respectively). Somehow, he still does not know how to ride a bike.


Adrien Stein is a sophomore in the School of Engineering and Applied Science (‘22) interested in studying biomedical engineering. Outside of CSR he is a Health Educator for PHE and a mission lead for the CSI Micro-G NEXT team. Over the summer he worked at the Electrophysiology, Memory, and Navigation lab on campus and hopes to continue neural engineering research in the future. He is passionate about ice hockey, robotics, and Trader Joe’s.

Public Relations Chair:

Jacqueline Erler is a sophomore in Columbia College (‘22) studying Neuroscience and Behavior on the premed track. On campus, she is Public Relations Chair for Columbia Science Review, a health educator for Peer Health Exchange, and PR Chair of Sigma Delta Tau. She works in Dr. Roh’s lab at Columbia University Medical Center on subarachnoid hemorrhage outcome research. When not studying in NoCo in Butler 209, you can find Jackie petting dogs on the lawn, sipping overpriced lattes at Joe’s, or roaming NYC for the best museum & food spots.

Spread Science Director:



Joanne Wang is in SEAS (’22), currently majoring in BME and minoring in Entrepreneurship & Innovation. In addition to being CSR’s secretary, she is also CSR’s Chief Layout Designer on the Editorial Board. She always appreciates time to wind down with friends and chat over food.

Organizational Committee Members:


Alana Masciana is a junior in Barnard College (’20) planning to study environmental science. She is enthusiastic about increasing awareness of climate change, and is optimistic that someday global warming won’t be referred to as a hoax. When she’s not doing schoolwork, Alana DJs for WKCR, the student-run radio station at Columbia, and enjoys hiking and watching soccer.

Julienne Jeong is a junior in Columbia College (’21) studying Neuroscience and Behavior on a Pre-Medical track. Passionate about achieving social equity in healthcare, she also serves as a board member for Globemed and Columbia’s Students for Human Rights Organization. As a Laidlaw Research Scholar, Julienne conducts Alzheimer’s Disease research at the Arancio Lab. She is interested in examining the intersection of policymaking, scientific research, and international affairs. In her free time, she enjoys playing lacrosse and exploring New York for music festivals, scenic views, and cozy cafes.

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Manasi Sharma is a Physics and Computer Science major who lives in Bangalore, India and grew up in the Bay Area, California. She has been passionate about Astrophysics since her childhood, and loves to motivate others about this exciting field. She is currently conducting research in the Astrophysics department at Columbia under Prof. Charles Hailey, on objects called polars. In her free time, Manasi can be found practicing for her dance team, Columbia Raas, organizing events for the Columbia Society for Women in Physics, or simply watching her favorite TV show Castle.

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Sylvie Sanders is currently a Sophomore at Barnard College. When she’s not nerding out about science in CSR or studying, you can find her practicing sabre fencing, djing and producing music, being active in Aryeh (one of Columbia’s Pro-Israel clubs), cheering up buddies, exhausting Youtube’s supply of surgeries, and cracking puns seemingly non-stop. She also helped conduct research on stem cells and a protein, DLK-1 at the University of California’s CIRM Center for Regenerative Medicine. She is a Nationally Registered EMT, and she wants nothing more than to be a neurosurgeon or an emergency room physician.

Chandler Morris is a sophomore in Columbia College (’22) studying Environmental Science. Outside of Columbia Science Review she is a board member of Columbia University Photography Society and works as a research assistant at the Core Repository at Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory. This past summer she worked at the Earth and Atmospheric Science Department of Georgia Institute of Technology studying the impacts of climate change on the El Niño-Southern Oscillation. She is passionate about climate change awareness as well as filling up her Joe’s punch card.

Adriana Kulusic-Ho is a sophomore in Barnard College (‘22), planning to major in Psychology. Adriana currently interns for PrMEIR at the NYU School of Medicine. In the future, she plans to pursue a career in medicine. During her free time, Adriana enjoys visiting museums, seeing Broadway shows, and reading.

Cindy Wang is a sophomore in SEAS (’22) with a keen interest in biomechanics. She had previously been involved in research on vaccine delivery via nanoparticles and was an intern at Singapore’s Defense Science Organization (DSO) National Laboratories. At Columbia, she is currently researching interface tissue regeneration, specifically between cartilage and bone, at the BITEL lab. During the semester, she can most likely be spotted dashing to her next class or meeting, all the while humming tunes in preparation for her New Opera Workshop, Columbia Bach Society and Barnard-Columbia Chamber Chorus rehearsals that week. She procrastinates by taking long jogs at Riverside, entering (and never leaving) bookstores in search of good literature, and figuring out fancy piano duets.

Tamjeed Azad is a sophomore in SEAS, who intends to major in computer science. His hobbies include pickup futsal, long distance city runs, and dabbling on the piano. Other than CSR, he’s also involved in Columbia’s Club Zamana, the university’s main South Asian cultural organization, and he works in Dr. Tal Danino’s Synthetic Biological Systems Lab. Greenwich Village is his favorite Manhattan neighborhood.

Angela Zhang is a sophomore in CC (’22) planning on double-majoring in neuroscience and dance. In her past, she has worked at the Kessler Institute on motor imagery research as well as at Massachusetts General Hospital on Alzheimer’s research. On campus, she is a part of Columbia Musical Theatre Society, Columbia University Ballet Ensemble, Columbia Repertory Ballet, and the Varsity Show. In her free time, she loves to explore new music and watch “The Office.”

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