Past Events

Fall 2016

Stargazing with CSI and BlueShift!


CSR teamed up with Columbia Space Initiative and BlueShift to give our members a night out gazing at the night sky. One of the telescopes was even designed and built by a very own Columbia student!

Spring 2016

American Museum of Natural History Excursion


12694541_1113661638665663_3292455133626704096_o.jpg 12646770_1113661588665668_6961752960474849367_o.jpg

CSR teamed up with FroSci students and provided them with the opportunity to learn more about the universe we live in. We met up with Brian Levine and Jillian Bellovary, who gave us insight into the makings of a black hole and their affects on our universe. We also got a sneak preview of the incredible LIGO announcement concerning gravitational waves!

Glass House Rocks: Carnival 

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The Columbia Science Review participated in the annual all-club event that turned Lerner into a carnival full of music, dance, and fun activities this year! Columbians got a special sweet treat when they stopped by the CSR booth by mixing their own ice cream and creating molecules made from marshmallows and pretzels!

Fall 2015

Science Day with One-on-One Tutoring

12339467_1078142542217573_2830386237935586875_o.jpg 12310020_1078141958884298_4700496361136904707_o.jpg

CSR teamed up with One-on-One Tutoring to present the students with the opportunity to take part in cool science experiments during their last session of the year! We brought them a baking soda volcano, elephant toothpaste, tea bag rockets, penny boats, and homemade ice cream!

12304269_1078141998884294_2090262592181567765_o.jpg 12309941_1078142068884287_7673041633071444616_o.jpg

Science in Media with Kenneth Chang


CSR had a great night talking with Kenneth Chang about writing for the science section of the New York Times! He gave us insight on what it means to be a science writer, as well as discussing intriguing topics he’s covered over the years.

A little bit more about Dr. Chang:        


Kenneth Chang is a science reporter for The New York Times, covering chemistry, geology, solid state physics, nanotechnology, Pluto, plague and other scientific miscellany. He should have received his Ph.D. in physics from the University of Illinois but instead left after seven years to attend the science writing program at University of California at Santa Cruz. He worked at The Los Angeles Times, the Greenwich Time in Connecticut, The Newark Star-Ledger and prior to joining the Times in 2000. (NYT)

Past Semesters

Science and Art Exhibit 

Science and Art 1

Science and Art 2

The Science and Art Exhibit gives the Columbia community the opportunity to come together and share their artistic masterpieces and interest in the sciences. Each wonderfully crafted piece has an underlying scientific backbone, which creates an interesting way for art and science to seamlessly coexist. This unique event allows anyone to connect to science in a profound and expressive way through art. It is one of our marquee events that should not be missed.

Glass House Rocks – “Under the Sea” theme (2014)








The Columbia Science Review participated in the annual Glass House Rocks – the one night when all clubs unite and transform Lerner Hall into a spectacular showcase of music, dance, and social events. Columbians got competitive when the Science Review issued the ultimate challenge of the night: float as many pennies as you can using aluminum foil, tape, and a sipping straw before your boat pulls a Titanic!

Pi Day

Pi day 2

Pi Day 1

The annual Pi Day study break offers the Columbia community a way to learn more about the irrationality of Pi by consuming rational amounts of pie. Columbia Science Review specializes in bringing the Columbia community together around science – and what better way to do that than with copious amounts of Pi. The event culminates in a Pi memorization contest. Contestants must write down as many digits of Pi as they can recall from memory. This past year the winners were able to recall upwards of 70 digits and take home a beautiful cheesecake as a reward for their awe-inspiring Pi memory capacity.

Stargazing Event

Stargazing 1    Stargazing 2

The Columbia Science Review and the Astronomy Department gave students an opportunity to take a peek into the cosmos through Pupin’s powerful telescope. The date was specifically chosen to accommodate the viewing of a meteor shower occurring over the New York City sky. However, due to the immense amount of light the city produces, meteors were not quite visible. But that did not stop eager students from taking an incredible up-close look at the moon through the specialized telescope.

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