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Safeguarding Stem Cell Implants

By: Kendra Zhong After suffering a stroke in 2009, Jim Gass was confronted with a flaccid left arm and weak left leg. He then decided to take what many would consider a dream vacation: traveling to various countries in North America, South America, and Asia. However, Gass wasn’t chasing tourist traps—he was chasing promises of

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Hacking Health: Cybersecurity in Medical Devices and Healthcare

By Audrey Lee When you hear the term “Internet of things” (IoT), what is the first device that comes to mind? You might picture the smartphone you’ve come to heavily rely on, a fitness tracker that monitors your activity throughout the day, or even a smart home that is energy efficient. But even something as

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A Fight Against Doom; The Remarkable Story of The Milwaukee Protocol

By: Tiago Palmisano Edited By: Bryce Harlan Before the evolution of modern medicine, a fight with disease was all too often a sentence of doom. The lack of knowledge concerning antibodies and vaccines left doctors with a weak defense against the majority of illnesses, which understandably led to a longstanding association between sickness and the

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