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Petri Dish Burger, Anyone?

By Kanishk Karan Creating living things from petri dishes has always been the stuff of science fiction and even horror, but these days, lab-grown, or cultured, meat has become more of a reality than ever before. As far-fetched as it may sound, researchers at Memphis Meats – a San Francisco based food technology company –

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Let’s Not Sugarcoat It

By Mariel Sander Columbia students are no strangers to sugar. Sometimes it seems like not a week goes by without a club or company giving out free Insomnia cookies on Low Beach or selling Krispy Kremes in Lerner. So when my roommate Amelia told me she’d gone “sugar-free” over the summer, I laughed. We had consumed

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Counting Calories, To the Extreme: The Efficacy of Caloric Restriction

Written By: Tiago Palmisano Edited By: Bryce Harlan Paleodiet, Atkins diet, vegan diet, raw food diet – new and interesting food management plans such as these constantly pervade the realm of fitness culture. Weight Watchers International, for example, has capitalized on this obsession by providing specific combinations of food in exchange for money. Some of

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Eating like Cavemen: Digging up the Paleo Diet

By: Ashley Koo For those of you regular LinkedIn users, you might have noticed that James Altucher, an entrepreneur and popular author of many self-help books, recently published a Pulse article that has gained a whopping 188,000 views to date. On what, you may ask? Not a guide-to-success how-tos, or a list of productive habits:

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