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An Evolutionary Exploration of Animal Sexuality

Written by: Julia Zeh Edited by: Olivia Ghosh Does homosexuality exist in animals other than humans? Yes, and no. From the perspective of Darwinian evolution, homosexuality is a puzzling concept. According to Charles Darwin, natural selection works to promote fitness in the sense of increasing reproductive output. In order for certain traits to evolve, they

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Dominant Females and Weird Animal Sex: A look at anglerfish, spotted hyenas, and gender roles

Written by: Julia Zeh Edited by: Olivia Ghosh The animal kingdom is chock-full of weird, crazy, mixed-up gender roles and sexualities. From sex-changing fish to homosexual birds, and everything in between, evolution has created an immense diversity among animals when it comes to the behavioral and morphological aspects of gender and sex. The spotted hyena

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The Growing Beauty Gap

A new study released this week shows that women are getting more attractive over evolutionary time. However, men are not. This study, by a team of scientists in Helsinki, builds on previous research showing that attractive couples are more likely to produce daughters. Evolutionary psychologist Kanazawa says: “Physical attractiveness is a highly heritable trait, which

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