Category: Astrophysics

A New Wave of Astronomy: Detection of Gravitational Waves from Neutron Star Pairs

By: Manasi Sharma Though the transition from weekend to weekday brings an onslaught of cold, dreary panic to most fall Monday mornings here in New York, the morning of Monday October 16, 2017 could not have been more different. The excitement in the air was palpable as members of Columbia’s scientific community—students, professors, and visitors alike—waited

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The Multiverse: The Only Alternative to Creation?

Written by: Dimitri Leggas Edited by: Hsin-Pei Toh Today’s popular scientific discourse is filled with discussions on “the multiverse,” with headlines like “The Case for Parallel Universes” and “Looking for Life in the Multiverse” filling journals such as Scientific American. Many of these articles focus on the excitement of numerous universes rather than their theoretical

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