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An Evolutionary Exploration of Animal Sexuality

Written by: Julia Zeh Edited by: Olivia Ghosh Does homosexuality exist in animals other than humans? Yes, and no. From the perspective of Darwinian evolution, homosexuality is a puzzling concept. According to Charles Darwin, natural selection works to promote fitness in the sense of increasing reproductive output. In order for certain traits to evolve, they

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Dominant Females and Weird Animal Sex: A look at anglerfish, spotted hyenas, and gender roles

Written by: Julia Zeh Edited by: Olivia Ghosh The animal kingdom is chock-full of weird, crazy, mixed-up gender roles and sexualities. From sex-changing fish to homosexual birds, and everything in between, evolution has created an immense diversity among animals when it comes to the behavioral and morphological aspects of gender and sex. The spotted hyena

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Noise: The Unseen Pollution

By: Julia Zeh Edited by: Ashley Koo For students attending school and living in New York City, noise pollution is an all too familiar concept. Lying awake at night as sirens blare and large vehicles rush down Broadway or Amsterdam is a phenomenon most Columbia students are used to. Many studies have shown that this

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Wolves, Sharks, and the Landscape of Fear

Written by: Julia Zeh Edited by: Ashley Koo Along the grassy ocean floors and the valleys of Yellowstone National Park there exists a landscape of fear. Although this phrase conjures up the image of a horror movie, the landscape of fear is really an ecological phenomenon involving fear’s relationship to natural predator-prey relationships. This important

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