Category: Alzheimer’s Disease

The Role of Our Immune System in Alzheimer’s

By: Mariel Corinne Tai Sander Edited by: Kim Chia In 1907, at a conference in Tubingen, Dr. Alois Alzheimer described a curious disease characterized by “numerous small miliary foci…found in the superior layers…the storage of a peculiar material in the cortex” [1]. While researchers now know what those “small military foci” are—plaques of beta amyloid

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Advances in Predicting Dementia

By: Alexander Bernstein Defined by the Alzheimer’s Association as “decline in mental ability severe enough to interfere with daily life,” dementia is a crippling condition that affects more than 35 million people worldwide. One of the most common causes of dementia, Alzheimer’s disease has been, up until very recently, quite difficult to diagnose, typically requiring

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