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The Opposite of “Roundup Ready”: Monarch Butterflies in the Age of GMOs

By: Alexandra DeCandia Edited By: Timshawn Luh Monarch butterflies are an iconic American species. Found in all 50 states, these orange-and-black backyard visitors delight children with their delicacy and grace. They pass through our gardens each year, participants in an annual, multi-generational migration among the farthest undertaken by an insect species. Travelling south from Canada

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Bad Romance: Slow Lorises and the Wildlife Trade

By Alexandra DeCandia On February 17th, “little monsters” were in uproar: a poisonous primate had the audacity to bite Lady Gaga. A fuzzy prop in her latest music video, the offending slow loris nipped the star’s finger and was immediately returned to its box and carried away “in disgrace,” its role stricken from the video.

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