The Columbia Science Review


  • Increase knowledge and awareness of science and technology in the Columbia community.
  • Promote public scientific literacy at Columbia.
  • Promote student activities within the sciences.
  • Present an open platform for students to publish their opinions, thoughts, and insight on scientific topics.

The Columbia Science Review (CSR) was formed in the summer of 2003 by Daniel Tannenbaum and Nan Ma, the founding Editor-in-Chiefs of CSR.  Members and writers of CSR strive to elevate knowledge and awareness of science and technology in the Columbia community through its bi-annual issues, featuring  informative scientific articles written by Columbia undergraduates.

When CSR was founded, many science groups existed in Columbia, but there was no science publication group that sought to bring science and the general public closer. Therefore, CSR founded a science publication that was to be created and read by the Columbia community. Due to the jargon and technicalities inherent in scientific writing, science articles are often difficult to understand and frustrating to read. For this reason, CSR aims to publish easy-to-read articles that can be understood by an audience of various backgrounds.


The Spread Science Blog

Spread Science, established in 2009, is the blog counterpart of the Columbia Science Review. This blog was created by editorial members of the CSR to achieve the same goals outlined by CSR, but through a medium in which readers can stay easily connected to the innovations and on-goings of the scientific world.

In addition to digesting what can often be confusing and complicated science into easy and understandable terms, Spread Science’s columnists seek to view science through a unique lens. While concrete facts and figures are essential to one’s overall scientific knowledge, science by itself loses its merits if not applied to other fields of thought. CSR and the Spread Science staff encourage readers to not only take science at face value, but to consider science as an interesting way of viewing other subjects and aspects of everyday life. We hope that this blog and CSR’s semi-annual issues will help one see how science can simply serve as a magnifying glass to greater and more fascinating tiers of life.


The “Spread Science” Video Series

In the spring of 2015, the editorial board launched a brand new component of the Columbia Science Review: the “Spread Science” video series. It was established with the intention of pursuing the club’s long-standing mission of making science as accessible and understandable as possible to the general public. In this day and age, almost all information is transmitted and communicated through the worldwide web. Moreover, we live in a new era in which the rapid advent of technology allows for other convenient and creative means of communication, one example being online videos. The “Spread Science” video series was thus founded as a way to spread science through a visual and much more intimate online platform, all while incorporating some of Columbia University’s brightest student researchers into the task. It is our greatest hope that our efforts to utilize such media will pay off, not in numbers or views, but in the lives we hope to inspire scientifically.

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