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Spread Science Video Series

Announcing the Launch of CSR’s Spread Science Video Series

In the fall of 2014, the members of the Columbia Science Review sought to continue their mission of promoting scientific awareness and literacy in ways other than the methods already in place: the biannual publication of the Columbia Science Review, the online blog, and frequent outreach/on-campus events. After many hours of hard work and planning, the CSR began a new video series called Spread Science. The Spread Science video series was formed with the intention of “spreading science” by showcasing some of the incredible research being done by current Columbia undergrads in both on- and off-campus laboratories. This is just one small step in our long-running mission to increase scientific awareness and literacy in the Columbia community and beyond, but we hope it will be an effective one nonetheless.

Check out the very first installments of the series below, featuring Columbia College undergrads Sophie Park (CC’16), studying follicle stem cells in fruit fly ovaries, and Tina Liu (CC’17), conducting climate change research at the Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory!

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