Month: December 2013

Problem Solved: Successful replication of genetic material in a synthetic cell

By Ian MacArthur In biological sciences, researchers strive to understand life through observation. Attempts to artificially create life, however, can help further our mission to understand it. A team of scientists at Massachusetts General Hospital have overcome a major barrier in the replication of genetic material inside simple, artificial cell membranes—a feat that provides researchers

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Antibiotic Resistance Breaking Drug in Development: A future solution or a future folly?

By Ian MacArthur Antibiotic resistance in bacteria poses a major problem to modern public health. Infections that were once routinely treated with antibiotics have become extremely problematic to effectively kill, making even simple surgical operations dangerous from the perspective of contracting a resistant infection. Resistant strains of bacteria, such as methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus, have sprung

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Let’s Talk Turkey

By Alexandra DeCandia Popcorn and Caramel breathed easily this Thanksgiving. The two lucky turkeys chosen for the annual Presidential pardon observed the holiday at the White House both feathered and free from the indignities of stuffing. However, as the winner and runner-up of a turkey equivalent to the Hunger Games (as Obama quipped), Popcorn and

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