Month: October 2012

Encoded Maladies: A Survey of the Disorders that Arise in our Genes

A look into the complex world of genetic disorders, their histories, and how we treat them. Huntington’s Disease By Ian MacArthur The shores of Lake Maracaibo are populated by thousands of indigenous Venezuelans that live simply in stilted huts and subsist on the lake’s marine bounty, many in extreme poverty. These societies are archetypal third-world

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Causes for Concern: Emerging Epidemics

A chronicle of dangerous infectious outbreaks around the globe. The Rise of the Superbug By Alexander Bernstein The rise of the superbug. No this isn’t your typical Hollywood pamphlet advertising the latest cheesy horror movie. Rather, the rise of the superbug is a factual and serious issue that may cause serious global health problems in

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