The Perfect Child

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Imagine being able to pre-determine the height , intelligence and eye color of an unborn child. Though this seems implausible, scientific advancements will soon make it possible for parents to tailor the physical appearance of their offspring. This new technology involves pre-implantation genetic diagnosis (PGD), which is done on the developing embryo. The resulting creation has been coined a “designer baby,” an infant whose genetic makeup has been screened or altered in hopes of influencing the appearance of certain traits. Though this technology was previously used to screen for diseases, a new wave of scientific advancement reveals to what length parents will go to in order to develop the “perfect child.”

One of the first medical advocates for genetic tailoring was a Los Angeles fertility clinic in Los Angeles, which allowed parents to provide input regarding the external appearance of their existing embryos. Though the clinic shut down on March 2 due to outrage from the medical community, it still had many supporters.PGD is a highly debated issue with both supporters and critics having valid arguments to substantiate their claims. Arguably, designer babies with an improved genome can potentially lead more successful lives. However, the seemingly speculative consequences addressed should still be taken seriously.

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