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Spread Science: The Zooiverse

Welcome to our new blog series, Spread Science, where we will detail a way for you to participate in and promote science. Hopefully, these organisations and projects will keep you entertained over the summer. This time, we are looking at the Zooniverse.

The Zooniverse is not one project, that wouldn’t be epic enough, it is five projects using the same platform and user accounts: Moon Zoo, Galaxy Zoo: Hubble, Solar Stormwatch, Galaxy Zoo: Understanding Cosmic Mergers and Galaxy Zoo: The Hunt for Supernovae. These projects allow you to catalogue and decipher the tons of data coming from telescopes around the world. All of these project would have been handled by undergrads in the past, but the Internet allows for free labor community involvement. It is hard to explain everything, so I’m going to post a few videos…

Moon Zoo

Moon Zoo: Boulder Wars from The Zooniverse.

Moon Zoo: Crater Survey from The Zooniverse.

Galaxy Zoo

Basically, all the projects work like the ones above. They are all super simple to use and you can spend hours cataloguing stuff. Head over to the zoo of space, read the directions and start helping astronomers today!

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