Spread Science: Science for Citizens

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Welcome to our new blog series Spread Science, where we will detail a way for you to participate in and promote science. Hopefully, these organisations and projects will keep you entertained over the summer. This time, we are looking at Science for Citizens.

Science for Citizens is a social site where members post science projects that can be preformed at home. You can choose a topic to explore or go to a random project. The best projects are the ones posted by real scientists; some will use your project in their work. The website is still in beta, so some of the features are still being worked on, but it is a great idea. These projects are a good for people who volunteer or work with children, especially if you want to get them excited about science. There are even project that can entertain tenured professors and college students. So, if you are doing nothing this summer, check out Science for Citizens.

Image via Science for Citizens.

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