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How Rad is the IPad?

Last Saturday, all the buzz centered around Apple’s newest product, the revolutionary Ipad. Techies swarmed to the nearest Apple store to test out the liquid crystal display touchscreen and the three-axis accelerometer. So what is the technology behind the innovation? The screen is made of oleophobic scratch-resistant glass and does not need a stylus to control. The lithium-ion polymer battery can withstand 10 hours of continuous video or 140 hours of music. This piece of art has internal memory of up to 64 GB, more than triple the capacity of an IPod. With such an array of functions, the iPad does not come cheap- half a grand is need to possess this neat gadget. Price aside, my classmates and friends still joke that the IPad is merely the super-sized version of the IPod Touch. Do you think the technological and practical uses of the IPad outweigh the price tag?


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