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Fresh from the Labs – 4/27/10

Yet more of the oven fresh goodness straight from the lab as posted on our twitter account @spread_science [Phy] How shape-memory materials remember @ [Phy] Researchers develop new brain-like molecular processor @ [Engineer] UW’s O’Donnell Leads National Summit to “Sexify” Engineering, Inspire Students, Entrepreneurs, VCs @ [STEMedu] OSA Foundation to Donate Hundreds … Continue reading

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Through the Looking-Glass : An Exploration of Science and Art

The Columbia Science Review, Scientists and Engineers for a Better Society and the Center for the Study of Science and Religion have joined forces to organize Through the Looking Glass – a science art exhibit aimed at exploring these two seemingly disparate fields. We aim to break down boundaries and create conversation between artists, scientists … Continue reading

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Fresh from the Labs- 4/25/10

Here is a list of today’s articles that we found interesting, as posted on our twitter account @spread_science: [ComSci] Car Steered With Eyes, Computer Scientists Demonstrate @ [Bio] Drinking Green Tea May Protect Eyes @ [Neuro] we most enjoy observing the misfortune of someone we envy @ [Tech] Volt Technology Will Only … Continue reading


Seeing Sound

As a violist and science major, I am super-excited when music and technology collide. Recently, engineering researchers at the University of Jaen in Jaen, Spain have invented a system that can create sheet music based on perception of individual notes. Plus, the individual musician, instrument, or location of performance DOES NOT MATTER. The system works … Continue reading


Fake Caviar?!?

Love fine dining? Researcher Peter Barham, among others, currently propels the effort to further explore a new movement in science called molecular gastronomy. They focus on producing “novel textures and flavor combinations” that are not ordinarily found in the kitchen and emphasize individual diners’ approaches to flavor and “state[s] of mind” when sitting down to … Continue reading