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March Science Madness (Round 3, 4 and 5)

This the last post in the epic struggle of the STEM fields. To review what has happened, check out round 1 and round 2

Round 3!

1: Biology vs. Statistics


There is a guaranteed chance of own, statistics wins!

2: Computer Science vs. Chemistry


Chemistry is the precipitate for that reaction!

3: Neuroscience vs. Physics


Physics had critical mass and destroys neuro!

4: Sociology vs. Biomedical Engineering


Sociology was the stronger of that dyad

Round 4!

1: Chemistry vs. Statistics


Statistics’ distribution was skewed towards victory!

2: Physics vs. Sociology


You would think they found the Higgs particle with that stunning performance. Physics wins!

Final: Physics vs. Statistics



Statistics wins! Statistics wins! Statistics wins!


Come back tomorrow to see the point of this gimmicky blog series. It was only written as a fun way to show these graphs, but these graphs contain a horrible fact that we will explore tomorrow.

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