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March Science Madness (Round 2)

If you have no idea what’s going on, check out the last post.

Welcome to round two of the madness. There has been some tears, but not really sweat and blood, thus we are far from done with the STEM popularity contest.

But, first, we need a special match to eliminate one player to have an even amount of competitors. will find two random numbers between 1 and 17, the winners of those two matches will go head to head. reported 2 and 6, so biology and mathematics will dual to stay in the game. 

Special Round: Mathematics vs. Biology


Biology is the winner!

Round two! Fight!

1: Astronomy vs. Biology


Biology is on a 3 game winning streak!

2: Evolutionary Biology vs. Statistics


The statistics team predicted the had a 100% chance of winning this game, they were right.

3: Astrophysics vs. Computer Science


Computer science turns out to be to l33t for the competition!

4: Chemistry vs. Anthropology


I think we have a chemical fire out there!

5: Mechanical Engineering vs. Neuroscience


Neuroscience destroys mechanical engineering.

6: Biochemistry vs. Physics


Physics brought mass and acceleration to that game!

7: Sociology vs. Environmental Science


Sociology won! I don’t have a clever pun!

8: Biomedical Engineering vs. Biophysics


Biomedical engineering showed biophysics who is boss.


We finish this tomorrow!

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