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Interest in STEM and the Internet

So, why did we run March Science Madness? One of our staff members was inspired by the paper Exploring New Web-Based Tools to Identify Public Interest in Science and wanted to show off the graphs for each STEM(Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) field. Instead of boring the readers to death, we played a game with … Continue reading


Synchronized Steps Caused the London Millennium Bridge to Wobble?

When the London Millennium Bridge opened on June 10, 2000, the small sway of the bridge caused the pedestrians to synchronize their steps in hope of off-setting the swaying. Instead of achieving such intension, the synchronized steps of the people caused such heavy oscillations that the bridge had to close down until dampers were put … Continue reading

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Why is my Mechanical Engineering Professor into Bio?

Hello and welcome to guess the department, where we give you small sections of text and you have to Guess the Department! Today we are looking at the active research page of the featured department. Text Sample #1 “Active areas of research…include theoretical and experimental analysis of articular cartilage mechanics; theoretical and experimental analysis of … Continue reading