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Healthier Fried Foods Coming Soon

Worried about the latest dangers of elevated levels of saturated fats? We can worry a bit less with the development of the radiant fryer by food scientist Kevin Keener, at Purdue University. Keener has invented a fryer that can fry foods without the extreme excess of oils not uncommon in most fryers.

How does this miracle fryer work? Approximately 100,000 watts per square meter of infrared heat energy are applied to foods that already have some level of oil in them, like hash browns, through 10-12 infrared emitters with different wavelengths. These differences in wavelengths can cook both the inside and the outside of foods based on a simple turn of the dial controlling the emitter settings.

This miracle fryer, through an exciting alternative to less healthier fryers today, does have a drawback: large foods, such as a whole turkey, cannot be fried with this invention. Keener recognizes that “You can literally throw anything in hot oil — a turkey, a Snickers bar, you name it and it will fry it. With this system, it really needs to be a formed product, something that is portion-sized so we have control over the geometry and the composition.”

Interested in more wacky but practical inventions by Keener? Check out his “in-bag ozonation method” that is purported to remove harmful entities in food, such as E. coli or salmonella.


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