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Forever Young

ABC News reports on 16 year old Brooke Greenberg. Like other kids her age, she knows what she does and doesn’t like and loves to shop. On the other hand, Brooke is very unique in that she’s the size of and infant and has the mental capacity of a toddler. Brooke weighs 16lbs and is 30 inches tall. According to Dr. Richard Walker of South Florida School of Medicine, Brooke’s body isn’t coordinated in its development. As of today, there hasn’t been a specific genetic mutation ascribed to the teenager’s condition. Brooke has survived many medical complications, including multiple stomach perforations and brain seizures. Even though doctors have prescribed her multiple growth hormones to aid her growth, according to her mom, Brooke “didn’t put on a pound, an ounce; she didn’t grow an inch.” Her family members center their lives around this special little girl and are happy that Brooke’s condition can lead to progress in science.

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