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Honeybees and Horcruxes

Check out this awesome article from Seed Magazine.

The idea of insect colonies and brains having similar properties is not new (Godel Escher Bach…) but this research is the first effort to formally explore the parallel.
Social insect colonies have a singular, emergent “mind,” but their intelligence is distributed in little pieces across hundreds or thousands of individuals. This offers obvious evolutionary advantages because, should anything happen to an individual ant or honeybee, the integrity of the whole is preserved.
Yes. Biomimicry is seen in the magical realm as well.
I suspect that whoever came up with the horcrux concept (likely Herpo the Foul, via wikipedia) was just some herbology nerd looking at ant hills. Kudos to him for recognizing the survival benefits of a distributed self.

But really, you should read the article.

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