Month: July 2009

The Growing Beauty Gap

A new study released this week shows that women are getting more attractive over evolutionary time. However, men are not. This study, by a team of scientists in Helsinki, builds on previous research showing that attractive couples are more likely to produce daughters. Evolutionary psychologist Kanazawa says: “Physical attractiveness is a highly heritable trait, which

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Geo-Engineering and "Greenfinger"

Geo-engineering is pretty scary business. The idea is to deliberately change the climate in order to combat all the incidental damage we’ve inflicted on the planet over the past few centuries. (This Atlantic article is a thorough and entertaining review of the major theories and issues, including at least two movie references and the words

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Honeybees and Horcruxes

Check out this awesome article from Seed Magazine. The idea of insect colonies and brains having similar properties is not new (Godel Escher Bach…) but this research is the first effort to formally explore the parallel. Social insect colonies have a singular, emergent “mind,” but their intelligence is distributed in little pieces across hundreds or

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