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Wikipedia Gets More Legit

Earlier this week, The Society for Neuroscience launched the Neuroscience Wikipedia Initiative, a call for neuroscientists around the world to “harness the power of Wikipedia and support the Society’s mission of promoting public education about neuroscience.”

We all know that wikipedia is “not a reputable source.” But I must admit that, when curiosity strikes, wikiing is my first line of defense.
I’m not alone either: Wikipedia consistently makes ranks amont the top 10 most-visisted-websites, and currently stands as the most popular reference in cyberspace. The SfN is taking advantage of this massive audience to improve people’s knowledge and understanding of neuroscience- if they’re interested.

It’s really about time. Wikipedia can’t be beat, so we might as well get it right. I hope that this initiative prompts other science organizations to edit their pages as well. This is a great opportunity for scientists to impact education and ensure that people are always getting the best and most current information available.

Also, I just wikipediaed Wikipedia.



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